Quality policy
Provide excellent quality and comprehensive after-sales service
Constantly make improvements to satisfy customer requirements.

We have always made quality our top priority in the production process. We continuously implement strict control over product quality, striving to provide rod and wire materials that are the most stable and offer the best performance to meet processing and product requirements. We use the most advanced equipment in the industry to manufacture top tier products, and monitor every link of the production process to ensure that all rods and wires meet international specifications, in terms of composition or precision of dimensions. We acquired the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification in 2008, and elevated the level of our quality management. Furthermore, under the policy of customers first, we have increased communication with clients to better meet their requirements and provide complete services. We are continuously improving and developing processes for diverse products that can be used for a wide range of processing conditions, so as to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

Superior Quality / Comprehensive Service / Endless Improvement / Customer Satisfaction