Product Features
Low Cadmium Brass Rods and Wires

Low Cadmium content complying with RoHS regulations.
Reduce hazard to human and Environment
In CD100, CD75, CD50, CD10 grades according to Cadmium content
CD100 CD75 CD50 CD10
Brass Rods & Free-cutting Brass Rods


Low impurity and homogenous alloy system over our material with good finish dimensions.
Longer tool life, reduced production cost, suitable for mass production.
Maintaining good machining dimensions and finish, suitable for precision machining.
Customize or make recommendations according to client's needs.
JIS:C3601 C3602 C3603 C3604 C3605
ASTM:C36000 C36010 C33500 C34000 C34500 C35000 C35300 C35600 C38000 C38500
CEN/DIN:CuZn36Pb3 CuZn39Pb3 CuZn40Pb2 CuZn37Pb2 CuZn38Pb2 CuZn39Pb2 CuZn35Pb1 CuZn35Pb2 CuZn38Pb1 CuZn39Pb0.5 CuZn39Pb1

Forging Brass Rods


Perfect for forging and hot-forming process
Homogenous alloy system over our material
Low impurity good for precision forging applications
Good finish dimensions
JIS:C3712 C3771
ASTM:C36500 C37000 C37700
CEN/DIN:CuZn38Pb2 CuZn39Pb2 CuZn39Pb3 CuZn40Pb2

Brass Wires


Low impurities and homogenous alloy system over our wire
Various alloys and cross-sections in coils
Multiple alloys good for cold- forming(ex: JIS C3501 nipple wire)
JIS:C2880 C3501 C3601 C3602 C3603 C3604
ASTM:C35500 C34000 C34500 C35000 C35300 C35600
CEN/DIN: CuZn35Pb1 CuZn37Pb1 CuZn36Pb3 CuZn37Pb2 CuZn38Pb2 CuZn39Pb2 CuZn39Pb3 CuZn40Pb2